10 Things to Look For When Buying a VPN

Want to buy a VPN for your Windows PC? Well, consider these things to choose the best VPN for your devices.

There are certain things which are very important in our lives, one of which is security.

Therefore, before doing everything, we prioritize security first.

With the advancement of society, the world is entering into an era of the internet. So, now it’s very important to maintain internet security or cybersecurity; it can pose a great threat.

VPN is the best option for the internet or cybersecurity, and there are no alternatives to it. But while you want to purchase a VPN, you may be confused because many VPNs are available.

So which one should you choose?

Well, there are certain things to look for when buying a VPN. If you’ve got an idea of these things, then it’ll make your work easier while choosing a VPN.

So, here we’ve provided some of the things you should look at while purchasing a VPN.

10 Things to Consider While Buying a VPN

There are lots of factors that make a person complete. Similarly, for VPN, many things will make it stand out from the others. The things you should look for when buying a VPN are:

Things to Look For When Buying a VPN

1. Provides Dedicated IP Address or not

One of the key reasons for which you’ll be buying a VPN is security. So, you’d want to have the maximum level of security that you can get.

Having a unique IP address would mean you’re the only one who could know your IP address or can use it to track your location.

You’d be completely anonymous, and no one will be able to track you or gain access to your device.

2. Pricing plan

Even if a company provides great service, but its price is too high, it won’t be acceptable.

So, while choosing a VPN, you can compare the pricing plans of different VPNs and then decide which will provide better value for money.

They provide monthly, yearly, and three yearly plans or more from which you can see which are more affordable but better in work.

3. Security

If you’re purchasing a VPN, then certainly it would be to protect yourself. There’s no meaning to buy a VPN that can’t provide good security service.

Before choosing your VPN, see carefully whether the VPN provides high-level security or not. You can also check the reviews to be sure of this matter.

4. Versatility

There’s no use of a VPN if you can’t connect to various servers and travel to various countries. The VPN needs to support most of the places of the world at a good speed.

A good VPN will have many servers and would be versatile.

5. Accessibility

May you not use a single device all the time, right? At the office, you may use your PC, at home, or any public place you may use your mobile phone or change your PC or phone.

If your VPN doesn’t support access to multiple devices, you won’t use it on other devices.

Carefully check how many devices the VPN would support because accessibility is very important for a VPN.

6. If it’s easy to use or not

Everyone among us would like to do any work quickly and hassle-free. Similarly, for a VPN, you’d like to connect to it within a minute rather than spending minutes behind it.

Some VPNs may need a lot of work to connect, which will make you angry because you certainly won’t be waiting for minutes before doing an important job.

Try to know if the VPN is easy to use or not.

7. Reliable Encryption method

Encryption is the method of transferring your text into machine-readable language but not human readable language.

The third-party apps or your ISP may see your text, but proper encryption would not allow it.

There are many encryption methods available so that a VPN can use any of them, but you should choose the one with two or more than two encryption methods so that you’re safe.

Also, observe if the encryption methods are up to date or not. It should be one of the main aspects through which you can differentiate while choosing a VPN.

8. Customer Support

The companies that put their customers above everything are best. Because even if there’s some problem, they look at that and solve it as soon as possible.

A company should provide answers to all the questions that a customer might have. In addition, a live chat or helpline should be available to contact customers whenever they need any help.

Choose a VPN that has a big collection of FAQS and also see if they’ve live chat support or not.

You can also observe the reviews about their customer support if you search for them online.

9. Money-back Guarantee scheme

Many VPN companies provide Money-back Guarantee benefits for the customer. But why is it so helpful?

If you purchase a VPN but later struggle to use it, that means it’s not easy to use; then you would want to opt out of it.

Again if the speed is slow or the service is bad, there’s certainly no point using it.

So, for this situation, Money-back Guarantee is pretty helpful, so you should consider it.

10. Speed of the network

You wouldn’t want to run a very slow network and take minutes only to load a page. So, you should check carefully if the speed remains well after connecting to VPN.

Packet loss or ping is different in various servers, but your VPN also can slow down the connection. Many people may omit that, but you should consider the speed.

If you want to download VPN app for PC Windows 10/8/7, you can try these VPN.


It’s a tough job to pick a VPN out of the thousands that are available there. However, there are quite a few things to look for when buying a VPN that will make your job easier. These things have been described in this article.

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